The savviest organisations and business leaders are well aware of the imperative to harness the future of AI and machine learning to drive continuous business improvement and innovative competitive service delivery, but many simply do not yet know how to go about implementing a clear strategy. With these common challenges in mind, the AIIA Network has developed a digital event for business leaders wanting to identify a practical strategy for selecting which business processes can be streamlined and improved by AI implementation. Attendees will learn the precise technology and steps needed to adapt a future-ready approach for the entire organisation.

AI Live Global is the fifth online summit from the AIIA Network, and is expected to draw over 1500 registrations. Free to attend, login at the comfort of your own desk, access the virtual lobby, visit the partner stands and enter the virtual presentation hall to learn the precise technology and steps needed to build an enterprise-wide AI integration strategy.

Attend AI Live Global 2019 to:

  • Identify which of your business processes qualify for improvement via the implementation of AI
  • Recognise the significant benefits and the potential competitive edge to be gained
  • Map and design a clear strategy in terms of where to start; what skillsets are required; how to establish a centre of excellence
  • Assess what is needed to do NOW to remain competitive and how to sustain improvements
  • What to expect in terms of investment required and how to measure the hard $ Benefits: ROI
  • Discover best practice for adaption and leadership when implementing your strategy
  • Find and recruit the AI talent you require to adapt and sustain operational improvements
  • Understand Bot Maintenance: In case of stalling, environmental and process change

AI Live Global is the fourth online summit from the AIIA Network, and is expected to draw over 1500 registrations. Free to attend, you can dial in from the comfort of your desk and listen to global AI experts live or on demand. Together we will tackle a range of topics including: Scaling AI; Hard $ Benefits: Measuring AI’s effect on the enterprise; Bot Maintenance: In case of stalling, environmental and process change; Finding AI Talent; Data Security and Privacy/Cyber security; What we wish we knew before our AI rollout; AI POC and CoE’s

Who Should Attend?

  • CIO’s and CDO’s
  • VP, Director, Head, Managers of:
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Digital
  • Automation
  • Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Providers of AI, Intelligent Automation and RPA Solutions and Services

Scaling AI

identifying the scope of projects to implement the solutions required for each business process

Hard $ Benefits

Measuring AI’s effect on the enterprise in order to determine investment needs

Successfully Navigating Bot Maintenance

In case of stalling, environmental and process change

Integrating Analytics

into your RPA to give your bot the smarts to make a decision/ in-platform ML capabilities

Finding AI Talent

identifying and attracting the essential skillsets to drive and sustain your strategy

Data Security and Privacy/ Cyber security

discover the latest risks and how to mitigate evolving threats

What we wish we knew before our AI roll-out

learn best practice and benchmark against early adapters

AI POC and CoE’s

2019 Speakers

Anshuman Das
Director Robotics & Testing,Warner Bros
Delphine Bernard
Global Head of Finance Operations, Uber
Deepak Subbarao
Zurich Insurance Company
Vivek Wadwa
Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard Law School
Craig Le Clair
Vice President, Principal Analyst serving enterprise architecture professionals, Forrester
Antony Arul
Head - Artificial Intelligence Practice (EIA & AI Unit), Tata Consultancy Services Limited
James Dening
VP & Digital Worker Evangelist, Automation Anywhere
Tom Seal
Senior Program Director, European Services, IDC


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Chairman's Opening Remarks
AI, The Centerpiece For Digital Transformation
harmeen mehta

Julien Simon

Global Technical Evangelist, AI & Machine Learning, AWS, Amazon

This session looks at how AWS customers put AI to work for their businesses, giving you real-life production examples across different industries. From computer vision to natural language processing to personalization and more, we’ll cover popular use cases for AI and Machine Learning, as well as related AWS services.

12:00 - 12:45
The Perfect Storm: Pooling AI, RPA And Data With Game-Changing Results
harmeen mehta

Avi Bhagtani

Director Product Marketing, Automation Anywhere

harmeen mehta

Scott Armstrong

Business Development, DataRobot

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has disrupted repetitive business processes across a variety of industries. The combination of RPA, cognitive automation, and analytics is a game changer for unstructured data-processing and for gaining real-time insights. The next frontier? A truly complete, end-to-end process automation with AI-powered decision-making and predictive abilities.
In this session Automation Anywhere and DataRobot talk about how they created a perfect storm by combining RPA combined with automated Machine Learning (ML) to allow enterprises to automate complex business processes involving intelligent decision making. They also give some practical examples from their recent project with insurance company AAE and how they were able to revolutionize their claims processing.

Chairman's Closing Remarks – End of Day One
Chairman's Opening Remarks
10:00 – 10:45
Integrating Analytics into your RPA to give your Bot the Intelligence to make Decisions
harmeen mehta

Jayshree Kottapalli

Independent Consultant, ex-Group Head of Analytics, Data and AI, Vodafone (UK)

  • Applying modern data analytics tools to RPA-generated data to unlock further process insights
  • Gaining a deep understanding of your organisational structures and workflows
  • Simulating process changes and identifying precise process improvement opportunities
  • Enabling the business to make transformational change decisions
  • Accomplishing process targets and strategic goals
12:00 - 12:45
Hard $ Benefits: Measuring AI’s Effect on the Enterprise in order to Determine ROI and Plan for Investment Needs
harmeen mehta

Kshira Saagar

Head of Analytics and Data Science, The Iconic

  • How to truly drive value from and measure the success of your AI initiatives
  • Analysing solutions as a labour and cost savings measure
  • Core areas to assess to measure whether you are heading in the right direction
14:00 - 14:45
How AI Informs A Circular Economy
harmeen mehta

Aric Dromi

Futurist, Tempus.Motu (EU)

  • Utilizing data footprint as value for disparate parts of the economy ecosystem
  • Energy and content as currencies
  • Grappling with the true value of a data footprint
  • Determining CX data value
  • Evaluating the ‘freemium’ model in learning
  • Discovering predictive algorithmic intelligence
Chairman's Closing Remarks – End of Day 2
Chairman's Opening Remarks
10:00 – 10:45
Deploying a Highly Secure RPA Solution: How To Implement A Robust Cyber-Security Strategy Aligned With AI Adoption
harmeen mehta

Sudhir Sen

Products Head, JiffyRPA

With RPA increasing in adoption, many successful enterprises are wisely focusing on securing businesses processes. This session will focus on the issues related to security aspects of RPA and how these risks can be successfully mitigated. As essential session for anyone who is looking at or currently using RPA solutions. Join this this session to hear expert insights into:

  • How to secure bot credentials, external credentials and internal application credentials
  • How to implement an RPA solution where the bot credentials are restricted
  • Avoiding malicious code from entering into the RPA ecosystem
14:00 – 14:45
Intelligent Automation: Tactical Band-Aid or Strategic Cornerstone?
harmeen mehta

Ashish Bhatla

Head, Hexaware BPS, Europe

All organizations today are looking to automate but the automation journey can be perilous without the requisite strategic view. Join Hexaware in our webinar to understand:

  • Evangelization within and beyond is critical to discovering areas ripe for transformation
  • RoI can be substantiated only when automation is a MUST HAVE not when it is good to have
  • The automation continuum and leveraging the right mix to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality
  • Bang for the buck- success stories of IA implementations
Chairman's Take-Away's End of Conference

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